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Monday, April 23, 2012


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Debbie - you are hilarious....Good for your Nephew and his family Nikki - I love that story. I wish the entire world was as forward thinking as your family. ...oh and is it too early to make a toast to the happy couple Linda?

Good job, Josh! We need a lot more where you came from!

LOL, Debbie.

Things do change. The nephew (9) and I were reading a book about the first black female licensed pilot in the US. He could not figure out for the life of him why this lady had huge obstacles in her path because she was black and female. I explained about Jim Crow laws and the historical difficulties women have had. He had no comprehension. He thought what I was telling him was the stupidest stuff on earth, that it makes no sense to limit anyone because of sex or race. His godfather is gay and he is often around Uncle Tom and Uncle Darren. He is color blind, gender blind and sexual orientation blind. Which means he sees clearer than most. Kid by kid, we are getting there.

That made me smile BIG. You must be so proud to be prepared to welcome him to the family as your son in law...

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