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Sunday, April 29, 2012


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Could have been worse. She could have been a urologist.

I have been sitting here trying to think of something to say about this. All I can think of is how sad her life must be if it was so wrapped up in him that she felt the need for this type of revenge.
When my daughter was 19 her boyfriend of 3 years broke up with her. He felt they had grown apart since starting college, and it would be best to end it. She was devistated, for about 2 weeks. She spent the first week in her room, crying, eating chocolate ice cream out of the container and watching sad movies. 2nd week was spent getting rid of stuff he had given her...getting it all together in trash bags and putting it into the spare room so she didn't have to look at it anymore. She also took those 2 weeks off of work...they understood.
3rd week she came out of her room and told me she was done. It scared me at first, the way she said it, then she explained that she had allowed herself 2 weeks to grieve her loss. If he didn't want to be with her, his loss. She was ready to move on. She called her girlfriends and they all went out and had a good time.
She was 19. This woman is 34. She needed to just get over it and move on.
True, he was an idiot for going to her, but all she had to do was refuse to treat him. Guess she will have the next few years to realize he just wasn't worth it.

Maybe if it was a year later... but a few days? This guy was asking for trouble but she went a little bit too far. Still how stupid is he?

Really, no sh*t, she could have cut off something more important to him and really made him unwanted by any woman (or man). But how stupid is HE? To even consider being put under by someone you broke up with for another woman.

I think I wet myself laughing and yes thought good for her. I agree it was a bit extreme but he must be a real arrogant ass to go to the woman he dumped for another right after he dumped her I think he might be lucky all he lost was his teeth.

Is it wrong that I laughed my ass off, then thought, "he got what was coming to him", before coming to the conclusion that it was probably a little over the top when it comes to payback...the right move would have been for her to slash his tires or tell his Facebook friends he has Herpes...

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