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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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Lori, Dorothy, and I will be marching in Austin on Saturday! Look for us on the news!

Was introduced to the concept of "Denim Day" when I went thru the training to become a certified sexual assault crisis counselor. I volunteered as an advocate on the hotline and met survivors at the hospital as part of the SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) to advocate for them in their time of crisis. The local sexual assault crisis agency in Long Beach would hold a march at Cal State Long Beach every April on Denim Day. Not being involved with SACA or on campus...I missed the event yesterday (not to mention I had jury duty..but I wore JEANS to my jury service albet tan/dressier jeans).

When I watch movies set in the medieval (sp?) times, I often think, it must've sucked to be a woman back then...to be raped multiple times a day whenever the men felt like it. You couldn't even walk to the store without being attacked. But then I also think that really, not much has changed. Yes, it's harder to get away with it, but I can't forsee a time when women will ever be completely safe unless she's wearing a chastity belt. That's a damn shame. This story sickens me. I have been raped and molested (by two different individuals) and I know MANY other women that have. We will never truly be safe until someone that rapes, molestes, etc. a woman or a child will be given a death sentence. Maybe that will scare it back in their pants, but I doubt it.

Squeezed into mine.

I think that is what makes me angriest - the people, especially women, who are not paying attention. The ones who write it off with, "those things will never pass."

THEY ARE PASSING. And methodically changing the landscape of women's rights.

Chicky I will be there on Saturday too....we are marching in Ft. Lauderdale, one of three marches in Florida. You know FL, the state where our governor just decided to cut funding for rape crisis centers?

I've been screaming in the streets ever since this whole shit began - I cannot believe that I have actually lost women friends over my posts about this on Facebook and have gotten into heated arguments with them - and ultimately giving up on them and our friendships...Their argument is that it will never happen, laws like this can never pass - but I see them passing every single day and I am outraged, horrified and beside myself with anger. HOW can this be happening in the United States in 2012?? I'll tell you how it can happen - complacent women who vote party lines instead of with their heads. I will NEVER stop screaming about this as long as there are idiot men out there trying to take our hard fought rights away. They will NEVER silence me. I am going to New York City on Saturday to march with my sisters - who else is willing to take a stand???

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