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Thursday, April 05, 2012


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I have been off line for a week so missed this entry when it first appeared. Have sent up a few prayers that you will recover, Alisa.

I am sure you were one of those praying for me, and I can do no less for you. I pray you will get better, and I pray that God will guide the healing hands and thoughts of your doctors so that they can help you.
All my thoughts and prayers go with you,

Hope all went well today....praying for a quick recovery!!!

Thanks for the update and keep us posted! And count on positive energy being sent to Alisa today!

Alisa's surgery is scheduled for lunchtime/mid-afternoon today...Please send extra healing prayers from around 11:00-3:00ish - she is Eastern Time in North Carolina. Thanks!

Alisa: Sending positive thoughts, energy and prayers that you are back on your feet soon and all healed!

Hey girl, don't we have plans for an IRL in Dallas? Wouldn't want to miss that now, would you? :) Hope you get better real soon.

Alisa, sending lots of love and healing thoughts to you and lots of hugs to the girls.

Prayers and hugs to you Alisa! Get well soon!

Sending you LOVE, HUGS and HOPE.

Thinking of you, Alisa! Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Hope you get out of the hospital quickly this time!!

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