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Sunday, April 08, 2012


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Thanks for the Monday morning LOL!

OMG - how'd Bebbin get in the scuba suit! And Rocky? A snorkel? How simply ingenious!


I've been following your blog for years, you're always awesome. This is a little out of character but ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Merry Easter!

Too funny! and the line about Bab's and Yentl? Priceless. :)

Hope it wasn't as bad as you describe. Happy Easter!

O.My.God. that was hilarious - laughing so hard now...Mary Ellen, yours was funny too! Happy Keester everyone!

Viva La Stale Peeps!

Oh goodness! Is it ok that I laughed so hard at your pain? I do not envy you cleaning up one bit, but I love this tale of kitty takeover!
P.S. When the zombies come, follow the cats. They seem well organized and will lead you to safety. :)

I am crying from laughing so hard...and I don't even own a cat!

Hahahahahaha! Happy Easter:)

Laughing so hard my eyes are watering! Sorry about having to clean up that mess on Easter though!

Quite funny, although me thinks Mrs. Sharp had some blood sugar issues of her own while writing this! ha ha ha ha ha...

Fantastic! I use to have a cat that loved to eat plastic Easter grass. She would slurp it up like spaghetti! Well what goes in must come out and while most of the grass was deposited in the litter box (eww), one piece only came out part of the way. This little butt flag fluttered around and drove her crazy. We were afraid to pull it out ourselves so we took her to the vet. The dr. grabbed the extruding piece of offending grass and gave it a slight pull. It came out easily but what was so funny was the high pitched squeak that the strand made while being removed. To make it even better our cat was emitting a similar squeak that became louder and more high pitched as the offending grass came out. Even the vet had to chuckle at that and then gave us the obligatory lecture about how it could have been a situation requiring surgery. After that we had only paper Easter grass (very colorful in the litter box)and also eliminated icicles from the Christmas tree!


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