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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


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For the life of me, I cannot figure out how what I wish to do with my body is such a hot button topic. If I want to have 80 abortions, it's my business. Why the heck should anyone else care? Drives me crazy!

This is such a hot topic with me. I am sick to death of defending my uterus with people who [used to be] my friends. I have unfriended at least 10 people since this whole thing started. And what pisses me off more than anything is - it shouldn't even be an issue. This shit was settled years ago - why on earth are the repubs bringing it up now???


I'm not an OB/GYN but I play one in Congress..

I really hope this doesn't tone down now that Santorum is out. I'm all for exposing this bunch of he-man women haters for what they are. I'd love to see them all voted out of office come November.

I don't understand why as the country and, indeed, the world, is going to hell in a handbaskset why the biggest issue of the day is my uterus. Maybe now that Santorum is out of the race things will calm down. I find it astonishing that the Right is always ready to cut down on all and any aid to children when they purportedly love them so much. Truthfully, they just love to control women -- and only love a fetus. Once that fetus is a baby -- not so much. Hypocrites and moral jackals.

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