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Thursday, March 01, 2012


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And I've been reading about Rush's latest comment, calling Sandra Fluke a "slut" and "prostitute" because she wants to be a responsible adult. Who are these men? They have affairs, have sex with under-aged children, etc., etc. and can spew this crap about women? And EVERY woman should be offended by their comments. No causual sex, only between married people, and if you get pregnant, you must have the baby, but if you're single and we'll take the baby away because it's in an abusive situation. WHAT. THE. F*CK????

Every day one of these nuts says something more idiotic than the thing I heard the day before.

It really scares me!

by the way, i work with someone who has probably never had sex and adopted a child, and is a single parent. What about someone like her?

Dorothy already said what I was thinking - take these "abused" kids and put them WHERE?!

I can't even begin to say how STUPID these statements are!! I know so many great single parents that are doing an amazing job raising good kids, and I can point to a few married parents who are NOT doing such a great job.

I feel like I'm standing in a room and the ceiling sprinklers just came on and you're standing there so shocked and dumbfounded that you're not sure what's happening and you're getting soaked and you dont even know where to run. So you just stand there, dripping.

Every day it seems like the GOP just comes out with one more jaw-dropping lunacy after another. Like they think they've found the magic formula to gain voters - beat up on women - and everyone is jumping on the "hayride of stupidity.".

All I can do is stand here and watch, mouth open, and wait for them to get through beating the stuffing out of each other, pick a candidate and then we can figure out who we need to mobilize against. Hopefully everyone else is doing the same, and at that point will get fired up and show these dorks what THE people - not just a few people - think.

Envisioning the signs when Chicky protests

My vagina is voting for Barack Obama.

Wow, that one really struck a nerve. My first thought was, how many single parents do we have out there today as a direct result of your stupid, misguided "wars"? These men, and women, died protecting your ignorant, hate filled old ass. So what is he proposing? Take these children out of these "abusive" homes and do what with them? Give me a F'ing break.

I've never in my life voted a straight line party ticket. This coming election will be the first. They have all proven that they can't think or vote individually, so I'll be damned if my vote help keeps even one of them in office.

Next, they will want to repeal women's right to vote!!!!

I'm dizzy from all the head shaking I've had to do lately! There's got to be an intelligent Republican somewhere out there, right?! I'm losing my faith in humanity!
Seriously though, my deepest admiration for all of the single parents out there!!! YOU have the hardest job in the world!!

Between this and the Blunt Amendment which, thank god, failed to pass, you gotta wonder, what is our world coming to? I'm baffled.

That statement was made by Rick Santorum's billionaire supporter, Foster Friess. Another old, white, ignorant man - call me shocked.

you may have also covered this, and I apologize I can't remember who said it, but someone in congress (senator maybe) made a comment about using an aspirin as birth control..the woman is suppose to put it between her knees. Was he a Republican as well? Sounds like we'll be heading back to the Dark Ages if Santorum has his way.

I did a whole piece on it last week. :O)

I was wondering if you would write about Santorum's anti-college b**s**. Liz Weston on MSNBC has a nice column on it too. And she's a writer on MONEY issues.

Can we just start calling the Republicans the "He-Man Women Haters Club" now?

When I think they have finally hit rock bottom with the things they come up with...they manage to find a new low.

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