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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


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kerry: I hear you (and understand) about one individual being afraid, but I think that's what empowers these loonies. They don't seem to be afraid to push their laws and rules on us. A united front needs to be established to fight these people that want to send us back to the dark ages.

I can just imagine my GYN being told to administer a completely unnecessary ultrasound. My guess is there would be a transpenile ultrasound performed on these yahoos coming up with these laws before they could even drop trou. He don't play with his patients and will be damned if anyone else will. I feel sorry for the women of MS, VA and TX and other places that have suddenly adopted sharia law where their uteri are concerned. They are really no better than the Taliban.

Good and informative. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Wow! Scalzi can be rather abrasive at times but hats off to him giving over space for this. I totally get the doctor's desire to remain anonymous, but I wish the medical establishment would speak up against this. Sadly I think they ARE intimidated by the crazy that seems to live at the margins of that side of things.

Great article... and I facelifted it to my status update:)

GREAT piece! I'll be passing it on!

Sadly, I dont blame the doctor for remaining anonymous. S/he probably doesn't want to have their life, their families lives and their practice destroyed by some of the wackos out there. We all feel sttingly about this, as the doctor does, but not enough to give up our lives for it. And unforgivably that could be the outcome for this doc.

I can see why a particular doctor might want to remain anonymous, as the really militant pro-life people are scary. However, I would think a medical organization (AMA?) could publish a statement, perhaps guidelines for doctors in these situations.

This is very good, but why don't doctors speak publicly? (just asking) I mean, the legislators should hear this right from the doctors' mouths!

WOW!! I wonder what would happen if a woman attempted to refuse, was coerced, and then reported the Doctor for rape? Of course, the Doctor's defense would be "I was only following orders."

Wow that's a first! I read it on FB before I read it here! Great article - Too bad the Doctor wants to remain anonymous - I would think he/she could start a revolution.

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