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Monday, March 19, 2012


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Katy - Robert was his attorney and friend prior to getting arrested. He is the one who read OJ's farewell letter right before the now infamous slow speed chase in the white bronco. Don't think he was much involved with the criminal trial, if at all.

Thats one more image I could have lived my whole life without seeing. Thanks Linda (she said snarkily)

And I did watch the trial, but until doing a google search just now, didn't remember him at all. I more remember Johnny Cockrin, F. Lee Bailey and Barry Scheck.

Linda: Thanks for the info. Just shows how little attention I pay to them!! :-D

She and Dina Lohan are the biggest fame whoring mamas in the history of show biz. My guess is that by mid summer she will have engineered another wedding or pregnancy somewhere amidst her brood to keep the publicity train rolling.

Ah, everything related to "fame" with this whole family belongs in snarky quotation marks...

She is currently married to Bruce Jenner. She was married to now deceased Robert Kardashian (of OJ Simpson attorney "fame").

I had no idea who these women were until someone advised me that Kris was married to Bruce Jenner at one time (big whoop), who by the way looks like a freak now from plastic surgery. And what's so sad is, that if you asked someone who our state represenatives are they couldn't tell you, but they could tell you the latest Kardashian tweet.

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