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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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LOL Katy...Would that I could would that I could

Tracy: You should have told her, "no, but I'm one CRAZY BITCH!!" :-D

Nice work, Linda. New to your blog - came to it via a fan of my Facebook page "Trying God's Patience", which is what I believe most of us are doing every day. I'm entirely a religious nut - I like them ALL - at their source though rather than via the fruit loops you're describing so well. Scary times.

Great writing! Thanks.

These fanatics are everywhere and I just cannot wrap my mind around their collective WILLFULL ignorance. I work at a call center for a major fashion retailer. On Monday I received a call from one of these "Our Lords way or the highway idiots that went something like this.
Thank you for calling my name is Tracy. How can I help you?
Do you know that your company advertises on the show Good Christian Bitches?
I don't like it.
I am sorry for that and I am happy to take your feedback regarding your unhappiness with our company spending it's advertising $ with this show.
Are you a christian?
(Silence on my end for a moment)
I said are you a christian?
Maam my religious beliefs have nothing to do with this issue. I am happy to take your feed...
Oh so you must be a jew bitch.
(Me stunned and completely baffled as to how that leap of sophisticated logic was made)
So is that true are you a jew bitch?
Maam if you continue to speak to me in such a reprehensible and disrespectul manner I will release this call. I can take your feedback...
Why won't you answer if you are a christian. You must be a jew bitch and your company is a jew company. The jews run the media and the world and ...
At this point I hung up on her. Here's the thing I get calling an advertiser to lodge your complaint or concerns about how advertising dollars are spent. I did that with Limbaugh companies and posted sponsor address on my facebook so others could do so as well if they wanted to. But there is an acceptable way to do this and this woman was not even close. I mean did she realize how much she was a living, breathing, hatred spewing representative of the show title that she was so up in arms about. This is the same mentality of people who start calling every November to protest that we advertise with Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. How can so many of these religious folk be so off the mark of what Jesus (their ultimate savior and expert/teacher of acceptable behaviors) would want. It is like the religious right taliban is trying to hijack this country.

Santorum is frightening to me. His extremism isn't appreciated by most Roman Catholics either. I would've thought he was evangelical for all the smack he talks. The whole religious right scares me because the amount of power they wield is waay out of proportion to how many of them there actually are in the US. They've essentially poisoned political life with their religious terrorism.

I swear, day by day, the more I see stuff like this, that I am reading a crazy novel by Stephen King or the distopia books that I have been reading lately.

Truth in fiction? Kind of scary if you ask me.

I only hope that saner heads prevail, or your country is in for a shitload of hurt after November...

I concur - this is a horribley scary time we are facing. I fear for our nation if ANY one of those whack jobs gets into office. November will be here sooner than we think - I pray to God that Obama is re-elected. If not - we are screwed (oh wait - I better rephrase that, as I am no longer pro creating)!

I really thought nothing could top the ignorance, truth distortion and just plain uglyness that was the 2008 campaign season...boy, how wrong was I? **SMH**

last time I checked, this was AMERICA! dammit! This IS the land of the FREE! People are FREE to ascribe to ANY religion, thought process that they want and are NOT subject to ANYONE telling them otherwise..talk about taking "freedoms" away...sheesh!Santorm is driving the crazy train for sure!

Standing O to all of you - you hit the nails on the heads, so to speak. How is Santorum any different from Hitler? Think about it.

Hitler belived that his God was the only God
Santorum insists that Christianity is the "Only Religion"

Much of Hitler's philosophy came from the bible
Much of Santorum's philosophy comes from the bible

Towards the end of Hitler's reign of terror, he developed his extreme nationalism, and believed that Germany needed to be "saved".
Santorum is running on a platform of terror towards women, and he believes that United States needs to be "saved".

Hitler genuinely believed that Jews were responsible for all of his country's problems.
Santorum genuinely believes that Muslims are responsible for all of the United State's problems.

Hitler had extreme homophobia
Santorum has extreme homophobia

Hitler rejected premarital sex, prostitution, pornography and "sexual vice".
Santorum rejects any sex that is not for procreation, pornography and sexual vice.

Hitler believed in a "Master Race"
So does, it seems, Santorum.

Hitler blamed Germany's Parliament for all the nations problems.
Santorum blames Obama for all the nations problems.

Isn't it time we stop this man before it's too late?

My favorite part of that whole pastor introducing Santorum was his saying that he was tired of people telling he he couldn't say those words...as he was saying them in a public room full of people. Really dude, who's stopping you? I don't remember any black helicopters or armed paratroopers hovering around my church Sunday keeping me from practicing my freedom of religion.

(Oh, and Rick? Those other people who don't worship Jesus? You know, the Jews? Do you really want to associate yourself with a pastor who calls for them to all leave the country? I know your party hates all the brown religions but seeing how they're pretty tight with Israel you maybe should be a little more careful who you have introducing you.)

Once again, you nailed it Linda:

"Come on, you know the ones - like the place where the young girl just killed herself because she was made to marry her rapist who continued to brutalize her?

How is that any different than Rick telling us a rape victim should make the best of it if she gets pregnant?


I'm probably going to sound like a nut, but I swear, I've been thinking about the "anti-Christ" and how all these Christians THINK they would be able to recognize him, but I swear, I think it's Rick Santorum! And all these know-it-all, holier than thou Christians are following him blindly into losing their freedom.

These people are dangerously ignorant.

This country was founded by deists. People who believed there was a higher power but kinda vague on exactly WHO that higher power was, leaving the rest of us to decide for ourselves. The whole idea worked very well for a long, long time. And now these whackadoos think they know better than Jefferson & Co.? I don't think so.

Yes, religious people make many decisions based on their beliefs. But they make them for themselves, not the whole frigging country.

This is a dangerous path we are heading down. It makes me nervous.

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