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Monday, May 23, 2011


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Lady Gaga is so much more attractive when she's looking semi-normal and not trying to be all wild and unusual. Even the bleached blonde hair looked good on her. The Suzanne Somers hair-do was cracking me up!

All the retro styles and references were too funny - did we not all realize how dorky we looked back then? Cute as always!

That was funny as hell! Man, that takes me back to the seventies... (oops, was that out loud?)

I don't usually make a point to watch SNL, but when I heard that JT and Gaga were on, I did. This sketch cracked me up!

Phil and I roared when we watched this on Sunday morning - I knew I'd see it again here!

Once again...JT and AS knock one out of the park.

Hi-larious. Better yet, get on down to Liquorville.

OMG...this was a special kind of funny for me today.. thanks for the laugh, Linda.

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