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Saturday, January 16, 2010


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Prayers and good vibes from Canada! Please keep us posted.

Thinking of you - stay strong!

Lots of healing positive thoughts being sent!

Keep your smile up, prayers are on your way from Florida!

Good thoughts coming from NH.

Sending all of my prayers, positive thoughts and love your way from Michigan.

Poor Carl. I had hoped he was over the worse. Prayers and good vibes heading his way.

Positive energy & big hugs headed your way!!

Count me in on the GOOD VIBES train!

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

Toni? What does that mean?

Kathy, it's a Buddhist chant. Basically the same thing as me saying I'll be sending love and light - which I will!

Carrie, thanks for explaining. To expound further:
The simplest explanation of the words of the Daimoku is given below.
Nam "Devotion to.." specifically devotion to the Mystic law /Myoho ".. the Mystic Law.." the law of life / Renge " .. of the Lotus…" , the lotus blossom, representing karma / Kyo " Sutra " the teaching itself, the voice of the Buddha

Thinking of Carl today - will keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming.

Sorry for the late response Chicky. I was having trouble posting yesterday.
Carl and his entire family will be in my prayers! Lots of positive energy coming your way. Stay strong!

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for all your prayers, good thoughts and kind words (and the chanting, of course!)

I just spoke to Kathie. Carl has been receiving the Chemo since 8:30 this morning and still has about an hour to go. He asked that Kathie not go with him to the hospital, but she has been in constant contact with him all day. He isn't feeling very well, and to add icing to his cake, his sister isn't making his life very easy either - she threatened to cut off his cell phone because he couldn't pay his part of the bill - what lousy timing she has...Anyway, Kathie plans to spend the day with Carl tomorrow to take care of him - I'm sure it won't be an easy day for either of them.

Kathie truly appreciates your prayers and good wishes and wanted me to make sure I told you all that. I will keep Linda updated on his progress. Sending you all lots of love and light and gratitude. You are the BEST.

Positive thoughts, healing energy and prayers headed your way!

Kathy, I'm still catching up with DGMS after being gone for 4 days, so I just saw this post.

Adding my prayers and positive thoughts to everyone else's for Carl and his family. I hope that he got through his first treatment well.

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