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Thursday, April 23, 2009


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hahaha. I love the way you recap Randy's words of wisdom. Makes me laugh every time. And I'm with you Linda on David A. I kinda flinched once or twice when he started singing. Yikes.

Love love loved the group dance (can't really call it a song) but it was so much fun to see them actually having fun! Paula was great with them. She may be a ditz but I think she's a sincere ditz and maybe if they put her in charge of the group melee, it could actually ascend to something worth watching. It would certainly teach the kids how to get comfortable and work the stage.

And I have Adam, Allison and Kris pegged for the top three as well. I like Danny. But he's so ... boring.

I thought KC looked a LOT like Tony Soprano, and apparently the person who writes the recap for Fox thought so too. I think Adam looks like Eddie Munster all grown up.
Regarding Lil's departure - "O frabjous day! callooh! callay!!" (sorry, just not a big fan).
I agree Linda with your top three choices and would LOVE for Kris to take it all. I agree with someone who blogged yesterday, Adam screetches too much for my taste.

The love child of Rush Limbaugh and Joe Pesci? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! too funny! I also felt a little sorry for Freda. She has to be at least 70 and I am sure she has BEEN retired for some time. She dragged that song (which I LOVE) out of the mothballs and dusted it off--too bad she forgot to dust off those vocal chords. Thelma Houston CAN still sing, but I couldn't stop looking at that entire train-wreck of a dress and snake-wig hair! I am with you on the top three, but at this point, it doesn't really matter because they ALL will have some sort of album in the works inside of a year! As much as I love the boys, I really love Allison's voice. I think she should sing "To Sir With Love" to show a softer side.

did you know next week's theme is rat pack songs??? what are they all going to sing Frank Sinatra?

Disco Train of Terror! Priceless. I wondered why my friend commented on Facebook that he went blind after seeing KC, now I know. I did end up fast forwarding through each performance after waiting about 30 seconds to see how they sounded. Some bands should stop singing, you are correct. For a second I was worried that Thelma would flash someone from below, her dress was too short in the front. I really hoped she wasn't "commando". After you clear that image from your head, looking for Kris to win it all. I also think it would be better if they did brat pack instead of rat pack. You know, songs from any movie that has a brat pack member in it. Wouldn't that be better? Think of all the possibilities.

I was hoping that Freda and Thelma wouldn't topple over in their heels....(LOL).
Great recap, as always, Linda!!

If they're going to have them lipsynch during the group number every week, they might as well have Paula choreograph the dance. I think this was the first time I actually enjoyed one of them.
I agree with the Kris love - I hope he keeps surprising us with his arrangements. What he's been doing is as original and unexpected as Adam, just more low key.
I am not looking forward to next week's offering of bad Frank Sinatra imitations but who else are they going to do? Sammy Davis Jr? Dean Martin?

Linda & Holly: I'm with you on David A's voice. Hubby and I did a WTF happened to his voice? Not that we voted for him last year - sorry, I'm a huge Cookie fan. I told hubby that if he had sounded like that during auditions he'd have never made it.

Speaking of Cookie for a moment, I just can't get into this years AI after last year. Cookie really spoiled all future AI's for me.

I felt sorry for Freda and KC. Both shoulda stayed retired.

I really liked the group dance. I do believe the group was actually having some fun.

Linda, great recap as always. Worth the wait.

Rat pack? Who's going to mentor them, aren't they all DEAD????

"Poor KC, he looked like the lovechild of Rush Limbaugh and Joe Pesci."
That line cost me a Schlotzsky's sandwich, Linda. I read that and lettuce and olives went everywhere! Ever tried to laugh through ham on sourdough toast? I thought someone was going to have to do the Heineken Remover on me...

As long as they dont bring them back via hologram like when Celine sang with Elvis that time...just creepy!

The Heineken Remover - laughing...out loud...cats looking at me funny...dog tilting her head...

I read the recrap, safely keeping my beverages out of reach, then started sipping my lemonade while reading Irish's post - SPEW - Gak - Commando? ewwwwwwwwww Between Thelma's hair trying to get away from her body, her love pillows trying to breathe and her junk almost falling out from under that dress, I couldn't stop laughing - it was totally worth sitting through this entire boring season just to see that.

I saw the Vegan sign and thought of Natala too!

I am very disappointed that the Mole is still with us and that he beat out Allison in the vote - hard to believe, but then VFTW is still in play, is it not?

I'm with Chrissy, I actually enjoyed the group performance for once. Linda, I think you missed it, but they were wearing Madonna-like headsets with mics for the performance...I didn't spot it til the very end, because they were partially clear (altho they were likely synching the song).

Great recrap Linda, and Irish, thanks for the stain.

OMG, Linda -- you're going to get me in trouble! I can usually get through your recap and keep it together . . . I just read until I have to laugh then go back to work until the laugh has passed. But today, even when I clicked back to a 'work screen' I was still chuckling to myself! Like others, I have learned to 'put down the beverage' while reading, to avoid spewing on the keyboard.

Poor Anoop -- they should really give him the stool to keep since he sat in it nearly every week. I liked him and really thought he should have stayed instead of Matt, whom I never did like.

"Rat Pack"??? As if Disco wasn't foreign enough to these kids??? This should be good.

I wished that Anoop could have stayed on one more week, but as you said Linda, somebody's gotta go.....

As far as next week goes, I love the music of the Rat Pack. I'm sure that some are really going to rise to the occasion and sing some really cool songs. That being said, I don't quite see how Allison is going to pull this off, (and I like her). Kris, Adam and even Matt should be able to pull this off singing songs like, Everybody loves Somebody, Mr. Bo Jangles, My Kind of Town, etc.

Being a betting woman myself, what do you want to bet that Danny sings something like, That's Life or even better, That's Amore?

How about Volare? Now there was a song that I bet won't be used. How many remember the car? Not a Ford product it was a Plymouth. My parents owned one circa 1978.......maroon, 4 door sedan. We had arrived.

OK. Sitting here shocked that the "great one" used my name in the re-crap. Had to check the name-plate on my desk -- yep. That's how you spell it. So -- this 40-something mom watched the group song/dance last night and I actually SHRIEKED in delight at Adam tearing up the stage while giving the camera smoldering looks. My "I'm too cool to be" seven year old daughter just stared at me. The group song ended and I rewound it, to watch it again. Sure enough, at the same point I involuntarily shrieked again. What the heck is wrong with me? Adam fever? I looked at the TV and said, "The girls really seem to like Adam." And my seven year old says, "The boys too." That about summed it up.

"Sorry girls, but I think if he did do a little dance, and made a little love, he’d have a stroke tonight." Too funny Linda! OMG...I threw up a little in my mouth when KC was hopping around the stage! Did he honestly think that the shirt he was wearing hid that barrel that was strapped to his middle? YUK.

I'm also giggling over the KC comment...hee hee! I felt bad for Lil, the way they shooed her off the stage. No Silver Stool for her, at least? I'm also impressed by Kris: he's quiet and talented, and I'm happy he's made it to the top 5 without any face time before the semi-finals. Great recap!!

Very snarky today. Absolutely loved it. I hope you're right about the final three.

I don't think that "Rat Pack" night will be any different than "Disco" night. Everyone will just do what they want. That said, this would be a good time for Allison to show her softer side.

I knew Anoop wasn't going to win the title, but I've been a fan of his from the get-go. Sorry to see him go, but I thought he would finish at around this point. Too bad as he would have been great with the rat pack songs. And I'll miss seeing his adorable parents.

I think that it is a Adam, Kris, Allison finish, and I'm secretly hoping for a Kris upset because let's face it, where are the surprises of the show in this dull dull season???

Yeah, poor KC. I just kind of sat there with my mouth open, thinking -- man, I am so old....or he is so old. Something's just not right here. Wow. Whatever Danny sings next week, it'll sound just like last week, and the week before that, and the week before that..... But this week's recap? Whew! That was just too funny!

"I don’t know about you, but I sat on my couch with waves of empathetic embarrassment washing over me."--> Me, too. I was afraid the first lady was gonna pass out, the second one was going to flash me, and KC might have an MI!

I think I muted it when David A. came on. I never did like him. He's weird.

I am also hoping Adam, Kris, and Allison for the top 3.

just a few comments:

I've gotta ask, Linda, who are your girls voting for this year? Or are they?

What do teenage girls think of Allison?? She is such a powerful singer, but I can't imagine who's voting for her. She's old sounding and edgy. What's the take on her?

adam's dancing was so fun to watch. I agree with jacquelynn above. I LIKED watching him! He's smooth and talented. I actually wanted norman gentle over him at first -- but that would have been really bad.

We saw KC and a sunshine band at a free concert in a park a few years ago. He was actually really relaxed and enjoyable then! But last night was pretty abominable. Like a red snowmonster!

Been reading this blog for YEARS. I dont comment often, but thanks & keep it up! Too funny!

Sorry ChickyChick! But that WAS my first thought when she came on stage. If I had a kid watching I would have covered their eyes waiting for something to happen.

Lil got shoved off that stage like yesterday's old newspaper - seemed like they couldn't get her out of there fast enough. I was ready for her to go, but DANG!

KC was from back in my day - surely I don't look that old - scary!!!

Hoping for Kris and Adam in the finals, and may the best man win!

David A. is creepy like he has some intense dark secrets that should never be let out. I am confused as to how he made it to the finals last season. I didn't watch the show last year, except when my neighbor dragged me into her house to see a Tivo of David Cook singing Billie Jean. Anyway, back to disco -- the singer in yellow with the exploding hairstyle -- she sounded pretty good but good Lord, that dress was short TMI TMI TMI LALALALALA. FYI KC was dead last night. They just propped him up with sticks and wheeled him around. I kept having flashbacks between KC and his dancers and Flo Rida and his dancers. It was all just so itch-scratchy uncomfortable. Best finale would be Adam and Alison. They have to keep her around or it would turn into one big wiener-fest. Worst finale would be Danny and Alison. They sound the same to me. OMG even worse would be them doing a duet. I wouldn't be able to tell who was singing what.

Well, if they make another movie where they need Medusa, just call Thelma! I was truly embarrassed for K.C. He wasn't that good when he was popular and he was just pitiful last night. Don't you know he was just happy to have the chance to "perform?" on something as popular as A.I.? He looked a little shell-shocked, and he has NOT aged gracefully (or thinly). He probably had to have oxygen after his song, poor guy.

I was surprised it was Anoop, and not Matt, to leave with Lil, but it will be Matt next week unless he pulls off a miracle...then probably Danny. I never thought I'd say that since he was my favorite at the beginning. Kris is now my favorite by miles, but I think Adam has it in the bag.

I'm with you audreyftobob--that would be a perfect song for Allison to sing!

Archie finally hit puberty...hence the voice change!

I wasn't happy to see Anoop go. I really would've preferred Matt or Danny. But it wasn't unexpected. They really did dump Lil fast last night. And yes props to Anoop and Lil for the class they showed going. Next week will be either Danny or Matt and Matt has the edge on that. I don't care for Danny at all. I do see Kris/Allison/Adam as the top 3 here also. Kris has been the biggest surprise this season. He and Allison were supposed to be cannon fodder and look where they are!

It will be interesting to see what they do during Rat Pack night.

And this recap was awesomely wicked. I just didn't even bother trying to drink anything. I really don't need to replace the keyboard here. Thanks Linda for doing these.

Jacquelynn, you have me giggling hysterically with thoughts of KC propped up with sticks and being wheeled around aka Weekend at Bernies.

Once again, watched very little due to Lost on a competing station. Will have to go find the group shlong (schelp and song of course!) on You Tube since it's getting high marks.

I know Paula was (is?) an accomplished choreographer and dancer in her day. However, watching her chair dance every week would convince you she's the whitest white-girl to ever walk the plant, with no rythem whatsoever. Perhaps it's a testament to how whack her back really is - she doesn't move real well any more?

Did see KC drag his tired old self all over the stage, and I did enjoy it. His songs just have such great memories for me - child of the late 70's/early 80's.

And re: Copacabana. The first year I was in band in High School, our halftime show consisted of both Copacabana AND Disco Inferno. Burn baby burn....

Linda, your recaps are the best thing about this season. If it wasn't for waiting to read the blog I might drown in my soup from boredom.

so I know the person holding that sign :)
she's an awesome vegan cook book author - Vegan with a Vengeance. :)

Thank you - I try, I really do. Sometimes it's hard to spin gold out of the BS. :O)

It is just me, or once upon a time wasnt KC good looking? Or am I confusing him with someone else from that era? Cause when he walked on stage, I actually commented aloud that he hadnt aged well!

Since next week is Rat Pack week, will the singers be allowed to sing with a cigarette in one hand and a cocktail in the other??

That's exactly what I was thinking, little david archuleta is maturing and he can't quite control his voice. OMG - Freida Payne was indeed painful. I honestly thought she was going to have a heart attack, more so than KC. Then Thelma came out and it was embarassing to be sitting there with my daughter thinking oh lord, she's going to flash us all. What was up with that dress, let alone the hair. I thought it was silly the way she changed all the words and kind of sang to Simon. kind of creepy. But yeah, KC was a little chunky, and it was all kind of smarmy in a funny way. I was wondering who they'd drag out from the coffin next.

As to the final group. I really like Allison, she seems to have a genuine nice personality and when Ryan said Anoop's name, I thought she was going to pass out. She was clearly shaken. I'm blown away by the fact that she's only 16 and has made it this far. I think I'll actually start voting and it's going to be her, seems like she deserves it. If she plays her cards right, i.e. picks a really good song, she could nail it next week. She ought to pick something that Peggy Lee sang. I know Peggy Lee wasn't a rat packer, but it's clearly the same genre, or better yet, she ought to do something that Shirley MacLaine sang. you know she did hang with the rat packers, and she is still alive. She ought to coach. that would be so cool.

I like Kris too. He's a cutie, I hope the final two are allison and kris.

As for the group song. Way to go Paula. That was the first time I really enjoyed the group thing. She really is a good choreographer. I'd like to see more of her work too.

Note to KC: an untucked shirt does conceal unwanted pounds, but only if the shirt is not hugging the flab rolls.

I love the music of the Rat Pack era. Unfortunately, these kids aren't old enough to remember the Brat Pack, let alone the Rat Pack. Adam will absolutely kill with a Sinatra or Dean Martin tune.

Adam - Ain't That A Kick In The Head

So true! Not old enough to remember even Brat Pack. Their world is closer to the Bratz Pack.

Linda, I swear, there are times I want to reach thru the monitor and strangle you. I've been humming THE HUSTLE all afternoon, and it's all your fault.

I LOVE DISCO!!!! Takes me back to my wild and crazy younger days.

I think Lil didn't do herself any favors by making herself unrecognizable from her audition days. Did her handlers tell her she looked too much like Fantasia with her short hair or something? She lost all of her personality sparkle for me when she reached for that first wig.

The hubby and I were at a hotel in Bermuda where KC and his band were staying and playing back in '05 (when I was a mere Mom of 4) and I ended up on an elevator with them and a shuttle down to the beach. Sadly, I couldn't think of any of their music or place their faces, so I just minded my own business. KC didn't look nearly as pudgy as he did last night, but they did all look a little hardened (expected, due to the lifestyle). None of his band members really talked to each other or even looked out the windows, like they were a little bored with all the travel. We were, after all, one one of the most beautiful islands on the planet.

Last thing -- I was so distracted by the blond sitting in the background behind Paula and Simon on Tuesday's show that we didn't even focus on what the judges were saying. We watched her over and over primping and preening for the camera -- was she for real? Is anyone really that obvious? We had to watch her little screech when Simon finished up his critique of Anoop over and over again, she was so strange. Was she maybe Reese Witherspoon in a hair-extensioned disguise?

I agreed with Lil and Anoop as the ones to leave, although they couldn't get Lil out of there fast enough, could they? I thought it was cute when Simon said he'd miss her family screaming behind him, and then he raised his cup to them. There he goes, showing his nice side again!

I think that the reason they were able to be so calm while being kicked off is that they know that other contestants have gone on to good careers in music without being the winner. It's just not as important to be the actual winner as it seemed at the beginning. (although it would sure be nice)

Adam, Allison, Kris - final 3.

I grew older through the disco era. After seeing three memories in the flesh, I think I'll just sit down and cry.

If slow and steady can win a race, it just might be Kris. Should be interesting.

Hey Linda, it's been a long time! Came by to see what's up and, of course, stayed for a laugh. I snorted when reading your comment about Rush/Joe Pesci...so true! That was uncomfortably bad!

My hubby and I moved to San Diego so, after three years, I'm no longer the Copywriter at americanidol.com. I'm panicking a bit about finding a job but, I must admit, I'm also enjoying my time off here in SD! Hope all is well!

I agree that Lil seemed one of the obvious choices to go home last night, but I was hoping that Matt would be going too. I really like Anoop and think he was more consistent than Matt is.

Also, with Rat Pack songs featured next week, I'm hoping somebody (preferable Adam) will singing Mack the Knife. Just love that song!

Hoping either Adam or Kris win this year. Got my wish last year with David Cook. He's awesome :)

I musta glazed over before they announced it was Rat Pack week. A LOT of wonderful songs and not only Sinatra. Dean Martin had quite a few hits. The trouble is that most of the songs from that time had really good melodies and lyrics and they don't benefit from being tarted up or riffed upon or made "your own."

Lord, Harry Casey got old and botoxed. The poor dear. I thought Freda Payne looked rather well but Thelma was a wreck. It's like they rolled these people out of their senior citizen retirement homes and off to the costume shop. But if they wanted the kids to sing disco, they ought to have song disco. It was a fun era with fun songs and the whole thing could have been campy entertainment. But no. Everybody thinks they have to reinvent the wheel. Me? I woulda done "D'ya Think I'm Sexy?" as campy and as whacky as Rod himself woulda done it. Because in my old age I get the joke.

And that's the problem with this show. It takes itself so seriously now that it isn't as much fun as it used to be. They're looking for a pop star not a cure for cancer. Lighten up, Simon and Co. Thank heavens for Linda and her recaps. Or the whole business would be as fun as root canal. In fact, I think I mainly watch now so I can see what Linda will have to say about it.

Kris is awesome in an understated way. I'm rooting for a Kris/Adam/Allison final as well. I really liked Danny in the beginning but he's just been doing the same thing week in-week out i'm way over him now. Though he wouldn't have won, I really think Anoop should have made it further on Idol and he would have too, if they hadn't gone and saved Matt's mole last week. Vocally Anoops's so much better than Matt with his inconsistent growls and grating falsettos. grrr.

Seems to me Adam is such a shoo-in to win that the judges will have to inject some drama just to keep it interesting. I'd look for Simon to turn critical of Adam in an upcoming show, so it at least appears that one of the others could catch him.

I think Adam would also understand this and it wouldn't bother him a bit. The guy is a showman. He's in.

Hey Linda! Thanks for the terrific recap. I think America got it right with the ouster of Lil and Anoop. Rat Pack songs will be great but as another poster said, they'll just do what they want with the songs anyway so why even call it a "theme". Anyway, how about Danny singing Dino's "Memories Are Made of This" with another glance heavenward. I just don't care for that guy.

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