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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


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Welcome back idol faithful and welcome aboard to all those new to idolmania hard to believe another year has gone by sin.. Not so bad :)

wats up
i love the pic.


I was under the impression that they played "I Kissed A Girl" during the bikini girl segment because Ryan doesn't usually do that. LOL!!! The girl can't sing, and will get totally beat down the first week in Hollywood.

Yes I saw that too! In the promos it looked that there was more than one girl. What gives?

Speaking of BG, did anyone else notice that her hair looked blonde in some scenes but during the audition scenes, she was clearly a brunette?

I was really surprised at how good the youngest singers were. I already think it is going to be a hard-fought battle in Hollywood and we still have miles to go!

Katy, I think the news meant that only 3 of the people they actively followed made it through to the judges.

Paula was surprisingly lucid last night. Apparently, now that she has Kara as competition, she's been scared straight. I also wonder if it is getting close to contract negotiation time for Paula. Perhaps that is why the producers of AI brought in a 2nd female judge to show Paula that someone else can do her job as good if not better and for probably way less money.

Okay - I should not have said he was "properly drooling over her body" just meant that I have to give credit where credit is due and if I looked like that in a bikini, I would be tempted to where it everywhere as well.....

I am glad somebody mentioned the "I Kissed A Girl" song playing after BG kissed Ryan - as sick as I get of Simon's insinuating that Ryan is gay (ad nauseum) during recent seasons.....I had to applaud the more oblique snarkiness of the soundtrack - I too thought that was hilarious.
As far as BG went my two middleschool boys ignored the entire rest of the show but made sure that they were front and center while she was on....(they had seen the teasers) My 14 year old (in his annoyingly middle school maleness) now refers to her as "Jojo the dog-faced girl" (referring to the "freak show act at the circus") he was properly drooling over her body but he clearly thought her face was really not pretty at all.

I didn't realize how much I missed the show, but after it started I was like a crack addict getting a fix! I enjoyed everything, even the crappy auditions, which I usually hate.

My two cents regarding Paula and the multiple eye accessories is that she is wearing them to stand out from Kara. There have been many promotional pictures of the four AI judges standing next to each other where I actually had to look a beat longer to determine which was Paula and which was Kara. It's the olive complexion and long brunette hair that does it.

I also loved how everyone knew about the new judge but no one seemed sure as to how to pronounce her name.

I think that Jason Castro's brother shows up in the next city!!

I frankly liked Kara. She will tell it like it is, unlike Paula who doesnt like to be mean and sugarcoats her comments. I agree with a post above, Bikini Girl actually surprised me that she wasnt horrible. Not saying she was good enough for Hollywood, but she really didnt suck that bad. I liked the pink haired tattooed girl, the girl named Stevie, and the long hair young kid who makes horror movies. Blind guy at the end wasnt bad either, but I wasnt blown away. Great recap Linda! Ive been waiting since last May!

I thought playing the song "I Kissed A Girl" during the Ryan-Bikini Girl kissing scene was an interesting choice. Here are the lyrics:
I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
Don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it
I liked it

BG was waay out of line. She could sing but her gimmick was lame.

Also, the I kissed a girl song when she stalked Ryan was hilarious. Obviously the irony is that Ryan was supposed to be "the girl" -- my 11 year old dd had to explain that one to the hubby last night to help him understand why it was funny.

I liked Kara and I'm looking forward to more of their commentary. Anyone else think Paula's on her way out?

Leigh: I'm not even sure they'll show Jacksonville! The news said last night that three people made the first cut and only ONE was picked from those three!

P.S. Emily Wynne-Hughes' band is called "Go Betty Go" and in the realm of female "punk" bands, they aren't that bad!

Great recap Linda! I missed AI last night and don't have a DVR so... whew! But speaking of... does anyone know of any websites where you can watch full episodes after they've been on tv? I looked at Fox's website but my work network restricted the page. :(

"Enter pair of glasses #1. Dark, rectangular, something Dwight Schrute might get wood over"
Love it! Glad you're back!

WOW! So glad to see the snark back in full frontal smart-ass-razored-SHARP mode!

I'm rooting for blind guy, and cheering for tat girl.

But what I really want to see is the Jacksonville auditions.

This is going to be a great season!!!

Its actually a common misconception that Roy Orbison was blind. He wore those trademark sunglasses but wasn't blind. I always thought he was too then someone told me a few years ago he wasn't so I looked it up and sure enough he wasn't!

Carla, just a matter of opinion, but regarding Kara redoing it? I thought she was BETTER than bikini girl, which means, BG'ss got no business being a contestant - when the judge can out-sing you. BG, as Linda pointed out, had "more runs than cruise ship full of Norwalk virus." She was just God-aweful, IMHO. :-)

When Ryan tried to High Five the blind guy I thought I was going to choke I was laughing so hard. Can you say DUH.

I'm really happy with the changes so far- less horrible, painful, attention-grabbing auditions, with more real talented singers. I'm looking forward to this season, though every year I wonder who could top my love for Chris Daughtry and now David Cook! I'm terrified for another Sanjaya or Scott Savol (from years ago..)

Love your recaps!!

Oh yeah, Great recap as always Linda! :-)

Ok, I guess I'm in the minority here about Bikini Girl. 1. Not only did I NOT think she was horrible, I thought she did pretty well compared to some of the other mess we heard that nite (and no, I'm not a man, I'm a woman too) and 2. I thought that Karla came across as very catty and insecure in trying to outsing her. Um Kara, you are a judge, not a contestant. You are supposed to JUDGE the contestants, not compete with them. Yeah Kara has the better voice than BG (Bikini Girl) but to me she came across like she was trying to prove something--as if she felt upstaged by BG and had to show her up. I really doubt Kara would have done all that had BG came in fully dressed. I for one, think BG sang pretty well, I dont think she was horrible and regardless of what Paula said, she must've thought she was good enough to go on because it was her vote that sent BG to the Hollywood round. And as for BG's comment "Your rendition wasnt that much better" to Kara, well, she was dishing back out the snarkiness that was served to her IMO.

Gesus Linda, you did such a good job of pasting your face next to David Cook that I didn't even notice till about the third time I check the site!!!

I have to admit that I lucked out last night! I had a meeting at 6:30, which amazingly ended at 6:50 and I got a ride home, so I got home with 30 seconds to spare for American Idol glory.

Michael. Wow. I laughed so hard at his, um, "singing" that I almost choked on my dinner! I thought I was safe until the Dead or Alive montage when I almost spit out my pineapple juice from laughing so hard.

I absolutely loooooved Scott! His voice was so sweet and captivating. My grandma and I wondered if he could do some of the genres when he makes it to the next rounds, but I think he can. He seems like such a sweetheart!

Hated bikini girl. Total brat imho. Loved Kara. I wasn't too sure how she would be as a new judge, but I liked her a lot.

Afro guy reminded me of one of my students when I was a TA, but it wasn't him. Looked just like him though, afro and all.

I thought pink cowgirl would be really good on a Disney channel show/movie since she's bubbly, cute, and can sing decently. I would actually prefer her to "Hannah Montana." Can the Disney execs please read this and change it up? ;)

All in all, I'm not disappointed this season and I can't wait for tonight!

PS your recap is awesome. It drew me into your blog last season and I love it even more this season!

Katy -

I never said I wasn't going to watch. What I said was that I don't get interested in AI until the Hollywood rounds. I said I do watch *some* of the audition shows (and I didn't watch all of both hours last night), but I really and truly HATE the crap singers and "joke" auditions. So, yes, I do watch the audition process to some degree, but it doesn't really interest me as much as the regular season shows do.

Metamusical? Effin hilarious, Linda! As usual, recaps were great! Thanks again for all you do...My standout of the night was Deanna Brown. Really unusual voice and seemed very down to earth. When she first spoke I thought, oh hell, another Kelly Pickler wanna be but the accent was not as strong as I had originally feared. Can't wait for tonight!

I think Kara's going to be a good addition to the judging panel. I loved her low-key snarky "Next time just come naked" comment as Bikini Girl left the room.

I thought the whole show was actually not too bad; I'm glad they seemed to have cut down on the number of crazies and weirdos. Let's hope the rest of the auditions go like this.

It's so exciting to be starting a new season!!!! My husband just groaned and went to work out. I loved pink hair girl, but I always go for the rockers first. I think Kara is trying too hard, that was a little obnoxious, I hope she settles in soon. Overall good though. And Ryan, we love to hate him but the show wouldn't be the same without him!

I didn't realize how much I missed Idol until it started last night. I have been waiting since last year for your recraps to start up Linda and you never disappoint. The only one who really drove me over the edge was Bikini Girl. Not so much because she had a better body than me (which she definitely does) but because she wasn't that horrible. She might have actually gotten through with clothes on but she went the sex route to make sure. What a ditz. And her kiss with Ryan was like soft-core porn. She was all into it like eyes closed and mouth open, just creepy. When Ryan tried to high five the blind guy, I almost died. I looked at my husband and we both just started cracking up without saying a word. What a dork!!!

Linda: "Granny having a difficult bowel movement in the outhouse, that is" - OK, that was about THE funniest comment I've read so far - - I busted out laughing in my office and had three people ask me what was so funny!! Hysterical!!
Lori in Tx - thought you weren't going to watch? :-D I "ditto" everything you said, loved the new judge, HATED bikini girl. I agree with Paula, "she was terrible." And I thought as I watched what I did of the show, (just had to turn the channel sometimes), that I would be joining you Lori and NOT watching until we got to the final 25. I was SO aggrevated with them allowing bikini girl to continue, when it was clear she had LESS talent than the ones they had turned down earlier. GRRRRR!!!

I'm not sure I like the new 4-judge format. Nothing against Kara herself - I like that she can actually sing too - that gives her a little more credibility to me. But with 4 of them up there yammering, there was a little too much going on. Too many side conversations, too much noise. With Paula and Kara ganging up against Simon from time to time, they were all just talking all over each other.

Interesting that when Simon asks for comments, he usually starts at the far end with Randy. Then Kara, who has had some decent input. But then by the time they get to Paula, all that's left for her to contribute is "I have to pass" without repeating what Kara said. Paula is getting upstaged here.

Re: Stevie Wright - ever notice that the singers who announce they are going to sing something classical or jazz from an old-time great can usually really sing?

And while Scott McIntyre's story was interesting, I don't think his voice was that awesome. I was expecting something more Josh-Groban-esque. Like Rhonda, I was trying to picture what it would be like to see a straws-width, although I didn't go get them. Call me nasty, but I thought that after all the struggles to overcome/hasn't let a handicap hold him back/success story, to walk out with the cane and the assistant was done to specifically draw attention to the fact that he was blind and set up the story a little more. He can see a little - he said about a piano-key width. Enough to perhaps navigate 30 feet straight into a room by himself, but if not, why did he need both the cane and the handler?

Thanks Linda - great recrap (as usual), learned to set my beverage down prior to reading, so I was ready! I loved Tatoo Girl, Stevie and Blind Guy - they are my top three so far. Now go back to bed and get ready for tonight!

I almost choked when Ryan tried to high-five a blind man. What a dope!
And Michael Gurr reminded me a little too much of the "bush baby" for my comfort. I REALLY wish they'd stop putting those pathetically bad, deluded people up for auditions. I don't mind seeing marginal singers (like the pink cowgirl/songwriter) but the others make me cringe - and reach for a magazine to distract me until they're off screen.
And bikini girl made me want to puke. I think she only got through so she can be used as cannon fodder during Hollywood week.
Thanks for the recap! It was great as always.

Thank God for the DVR! How did I ever sit through the bad auditions without being able to fast-forward? Although I did pause for some of the snarkier comments by Simon. I agree that they put through bikini girl to piss off the other judges. Haven't seen anyone yet to catch my vote, but the season is young.

I hadn’t realized how much I missed AI until the music started. Then I settled down to two hours of critiquing.

Format: I like the new judge Kara DioGuardo. She’s smart, witty, and fits in well. I think the producers put Paula on notice to shape up or ship out, as she was actually LUCID! Maybe she went on a 12 Step program.

Pink Hair Girl: Very nice but I’m not sure she should have cancelled the European tour. I don’t see her making the Final 12.

Stevie Wright: Wow! What a great song choice and fantastic vocals. We will definitely see a lot more of her.

Mike Sarver: I wasn’t that impressed. Big guy, adequate voice, but where’s the power?

Bikini Girl: She’s in marketing. She has a smoking hot body and a mediocre voice. How then to get to Hollywood? Hmmmm. She won’t last if she has to sing with clothes on. After she gets booted, maybe she and Haley Scarnato can star in a Girls Gone Wild video. And kissing Ryan Seacrest?!? Creepy.

Deanna Brown: Very nice vocals. She will definitely be around for a while..

Cody: A little teen heart throb with a personality (sorry David A.) and a surprising voice. He needs a makeover to get votes besides the tweeners, but he does have potential.

Scott McIntyre: I was bit disappointed after the huge build up. I expected a bigger voice. However, he’s a shoo in for the Final 12.

Kansas City here we come!

Love the new judge!!!! I was afraid that Kara would be another soppy, useless mushmess like Paula, but she's really not at all. Color me impressed... so far.

And, IMHO, the *only* reason Randy & Simon let Bikini Girl through was to screw around with Kara & Paula. All of them know she doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of making it past the next round, and, to be honest, she's gonna get the crap stomped out of her, vocally, in Hollywood.

If this asinine bimbo wants publicity so badly that she'll show up mostly nekkid on prime-time TV, then she deserves to be rewarded royally with heaps of humiliation.

Yeah, AI's back and so are Linda's GREAT recraps!!

Am I the only one who wasn't sure if Cody was a girl or a boy when they first showed him? Maybe a little TOO pretty!

I liked Kara. A more critical female perspective could be a very good thing. Simon still gets the deciding vote, though, so we'll see how it goes.

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