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Friday, May 30, 2008


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did the deer use the plastic step stool to get on it???...hope they had some fun.

That's an amazing sight -- I guess all those deer were looking for some convenient shade and found it.

Looks like a stick to me, too. Guess they use that to beat down the antlers when they start poking around.

Is it just me, or is there a stick sticking out of the trampoline?

LMAFO Jackie!!!

Get me a shot gun. Looks like fast food ready to be carried out. Would love to fill my freezer with venison.

my neighbors have a tramp like the one pictured..when the kids play on it theyre dog, a pitt bull goes under it and trys to bite them as they jump...i cant wait till one of them get bit on the ass...maybe they will train the dog to do something better...and thus, train the kids to treat the dog like a dog instead of something to tease...we call the kids..."devil babys from hell" i love home ownership...g.

my brother-in-law sent me this a couple of years ago with these comments...a pre-rut bachelor group. Notice where the doe is resting... They do that in the wild esp. during hunting season, she is a sentry....

OMG!!! Hilarious!

LMAO!! too cute!

Get the point? Sure do! I won't be participating in trampoline jumping anytime soon!

I get the point. (I know, what a groaner)

So trampolines make you horny? HEHEHE

They sure are beautiful...and one such creature nearly adorned my vehicle yesterday morning. Yikes!

...and that's why you look before you leap! :)

Tear to your eyes, and blood on your ars.

Ouch is right. How beautiful are those creatures though? Ahh nature.


Wheeeee!! I'm finally first to comment on something! That's quite the picture. Jump on that trampoline and it'll definitely bring tears to your eyes!

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