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Friday, March 16, 2007


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Oh. My. God. You were so wrong (but so funny!) for this, lol!

I can see why there are comments referencing a covering of the keyboard. It took me 15 minutes to type this without spewing my Diet Coke!!! Funny Funny Funny!!!

Linda..... you do live to serve, thanks for the Chris Sligh pix. Really digging the Donald Slump...LMAO!!!!!

Just heard on my local news that some woman is starving herself until Sanjaya gets kicked off the show.

sanjaya was totally crushing on diana ross's hair.

Ok, it's lunch break now and what do I find but pics of Chris S?!?!!!! I am LMFAO!!! Brilliant! I can say nothing. Linda, "WE'RE NOT WORTHY! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!" That gives me an idea... San-yawn-ja and Chris S as Wayne and Garth? Simon as Alice? BWWWAAAAAHHHAAAAAAAA!!

You left out the most obvious - Sanjaya Hicks. He already has the eyebrows.

You have become required reading for myself and family - at times I have looked forward more to your comments than to the show - and it's not unusual to hear one or the other of us say "Linda's going to have a good time with THIS"

Great job - nothing original or witty to say here - except THANKS for the laughs and the great insights..

The real tragedy here is that the longer he's under contract with AI, the longer Disney has no prototype for their new Rapunzel animated feature.

Linda, thanks for the laughs.
I was having a very stressful day at work and was ready to have a meltdown. Those pics saved the day! Keep em coming.

First, a moment of silence for my home computer, which despite the valiant efforts of Mike, my computer tech guru, has been permanently silenced....
Now then! Linda, I hereby crown thee Funniest Blogger of 2007! I have been laughing all morning long at those pics of Chris Sligh and the new ones of Sanjaya. Thank goodness my boss isn't here today or he'd probably kill me. I have made everyone who has come into my office look at those pics and they all agree that they are hysterical!! And though San Jovi is still my fave, Chris Clinton is a very close second. hehehe!
Sandy in NC -- I completely agree with you. that other poster needs to seriously get a grip. He or she probably hates comedy [or doesn't get it]. Hmmm, what's the word for that? Not sexist, not racist, maybe comedist? laughist? Dunno. Anyone know a word for those who are anti-humor?

Look forward to the recaps every week, Linda! Here's a question for you... At the end of the show, Ryan says "you'll have AT LEAST 2 hours to vote...blah, blah, blah..." So how long do they actually have? 2 days? 10 hours? 6 days and 12 minutes? Enough time to maniplate the voting and shut it down when they feel they have the right person with the least votes? What do you think?

Oh...and I vote for San Jovi too!

I live to serve - so I have added some coiffure possibilities for Chris Sligh to consider in the weeks ahead...enjoy!

SanJovi is definetly my FAVE...Linda you make me laugh. I just got my husband to start watching this show...like the rest of us he too is waiting for SanGRIAkar to get booted. Does anyone know if people in other countries are able to vote? I'm thinking his home country is voting for him.....sorta like the entire state of Hawaii voted for Jasmine Trias.
Linda...I'd like to see what you can do with Chris Sligh's hair...LMAO

Your wish is my command. Check out the addition of the Malakarate Kid just above San Jovi!

"u r so f-in mean!!!! what did he do to u??? he can't control the votes."

OMG, chillify, will ya? Ever hear of HUMOR? No one is ACTUALLY going to tie him down and shave his head, tease his mane within an inch of its life or give him rasta dreads. This is all in good FUN! Instead of wasting your energy making yourself the Defender of Sanjaya's Sacred Honor, perhaps you could work on your vocabulary - believe it or not, there are MUCH more inventive and descriptive words than f-in'.

I'd like to order the code red--didn't that involve shaving his head? gdfagahah is NOT going to like that.

Linda, can we request a mash-up? I'd love to see Daniel-San..jaya:


We could all yell "sweep the leg" or "bring him home in a body bag" while he sings.

Poor kid--he really doesn't have any control over this, but perhaps we could get Jack Bauer to give him a little "talk" and convince him to quit. I'm jussayin'.

Ahhhh, so glad that I finally got over here! Thx for the Friday laugh. BTW, Silli Vanilli is definitely my fave.


Remember this young man signed up with hopes of becoming famous, there are as with most things in this life two sides to fame.

u r so fuckin mean!!!! what did he do to u??? he can't control the votes.

i LOVE sanjaya.

I think Sanjaya Fawcett is the best...

OH. MY. GOD. TJ shows up and says something positive???? Holy crap... it's the apocalypse!!!!! Run for your lives!!!!!

Sis, you are the BOMB!!!!

Yesterdays preview was good. I smiled and warmed up a bit. Today? My belly is shaking like a bowl full of jelly, my dog sled team is howling, even the igloo my be developing cracks from me laughing and pounding on the snow walls! Luckily, when I spit out my coffee, it freezes in mid-air so clean up is easy. The geek squad doesn't have snowmachines or dog teams...

What a beautifuly full and conditioned way to end the week! You're proof that madness can be genius! Hunk of frozen whale blubber anyone? It thaws in your mouth after about sitting there for 3 or 4 min.

It's official. Linda Sharp has completely lost her mind. I've sent the little men with their white coats and shiny buckles... they should be there soon. In the meantime, please take some slow deep breaths and stay away from sharp objects!!!

I know I was a co-conspirator in this Gallery Hair of Fame but I'm STILL LMAO!! It's the little things that get you through a day with no AI recap to look forward to as a reward for paying the bills, annoying children, changing stinky diapers, and gathering tax info...I am SO bookmarking this page for future Hair Therapy!

Actually I think San Jovi isn't a half bad look for him.

The thought of this poser making it to the Tour sickens me. Is there a possibility of the judges leading an all-out "Storming of the Bastille", complete with pitchforks and torches, and take back the Idol stage? Or am I taking this show too seriously?

Talk about March madness...

OMG...I should know by now...to cover my monitor and keyboard with plastic wrap and keep the tissue close...I'm laughing so hard I'm crying again...

I hope you always have too much time on your hands, Linda. You are a riot...LMAO

Oh man, I'm laughing so hard I can barely breathe! I can't decide if my favorite is Princess SanLeia or San Jovi. I think it's a tie. LMAO!

Alright - it's official - you two are truly warped! And I'm laughing my a** off so it must be rubbing off......

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