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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


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Yes, he did. Marlon Brando said it in On The Waterfront. And then Jake La Motta, played by Robert DeNiro, quoted it in Raging Bull as he stares into a mirror...I used it in that context - Frenchie was on the outside looking in...wishing.

Thanks for reading the recap,
Linda Sharp

Marlon Brando Said "I could Have been a contender." In "On the Waterfront"

WOW! Apparently the over 40 crowd had a hard time with 311's MOST POPULAR song All Mixed Up. I guess if the contestants don't sing Phil Collins or Celine Dion the old folks are baffled.

Linda, Linda, Linda...you know I love your recaps but so far this year...I'm so behind! I don't even get to watch the show as much as I used to. Anyway, I wanted to take the time to say...um, that Leslie girl...I remember when they announced the top 24 and showed each of them dancing around...all I could think of when it came to Leslie was she was some kind of flailing Monkey with her arms going every which way and her funky eyes.

That's all.


Coming from someone who's been trying to break into TV writing for years, I understand rejection. So when I first heard Alaina's story about audition after audition, I SO wanted to be on her side. Alas, she blows dead bear...not sure what that means, but I heard it lately and I decided I like it. At least she seems somewhat cute. Antonella is the bane of existence...not just mine but everyone's. She needs to go home and find out from Sko why God doesn't like her. And you know Sko will be happy to tell her!

But you are right, the girls sure blew doors off the guys. It's too bad that there has to be two girls going home, or methinks it might be a nearly all-boys cut tonight!

My husband was so funny last night, watching the girls. He said they should just send all the guys home now. Not one guy was better than even the WORST of the girls. And he was pissed that they had to take 6 guys into the final 12 - it wasn't fair to 6 of the girls who were better than all of the guys. He's right, though. The girls just blew the guys away - even the girls that sucked.

I think that both Melinda and LaKisha did a fantastic job, but I give a slight edge to Melinda cause I happen to like her song choice better.
When Simon compared what's her face to a candle, I thought he meant that she was all over the place [like candle flames can be] and that she would be soon put out [sent home by too few votes]. I could be wrong, though.
As for the other gals, I like Jordin and Gina, but not nearly as much as I wanted to.
I think all the contestants would do well to heed Simon's advice. I've agreed with him on almost everything he's said thus far. As for Paula, I think she should go to a course on How to Say You Sucked Without Complimenting Your Looks because "you're a beautiful person" and "you look amazing" and all that other crap she spouts has got to go. Randy, Randy, Randy -- half the time you look like you smell something bad, the other half of the time you look as though you're confused [what? I'm judging a singing contest? since when?]. Just get it together dawg. Please.
The guys need to seriously bring the funk [or hell's bells, just bring some in-tune songs of any nature] if they want to keep up with the ladies. As my 10 year old says, Girls rule, boys drool.

"Haley Scarnato, once again dressed all in black, yet much less hoochified than in previous encounters. (Although she was wearing a manhole cover as a necklace.)"

I read your recaps for their great entertainment value and to admire your prodigious creative writing skills. But I wonder, am I becoming a little to "Sharp-ified"? When Haley came on last night, I knew you'd comment on her necklace, and I found myself making bets as to how you'd do it. I put my money on a frozen juice concentrate lid, but I like manhole cover better. Thanks for the fun!

What an awesome second night! Pretty much forgettable for the fellas... Who knew Sundance would cruk (crash and suck) so fast and so badly! I kinda feel bad for him and wonder how Tommy 2 Fingers would have fared...
The ladies (lets face it, not a one of these females should be reffered to as "girls". This years ladies are all at least 17-and Jordin is also a full figured LADY- and to this point are crushing the boys; yes, boys. Where are the Bo Bice's? Where are the Chris Daughtry's? Other than Sundance and Chris Big Hair, did anyone sing like a man?
Love the posts again Linda! Keep up the good work!

Good morning. Excellent recaps - both nights. A tip of the old chapeau to you.

In spite of the fact that LaKisha is mopping the floor with the other contestants over at dialidol.com, I agree with you that Melinda is the pick of the litter. I was prepared to like her in any case for her humility and general good attitude, but I was taken aback in a very good way by the strength and professionalism of her performance.

As of now, she's definitely my choice of the twenty-four.

"That’s not to say it was bad – it wasn’t. In fact, if we ranked the female performances, she would slide in right behind Melinda."

I completely agree! Melinda owned last night, in my opinion. That's not to say Lakisha wasn't great, because her voice is absoLUTEly powerhouse, but Melinda has a little bit of that go-with-the-flow spontaneity of movement that Taylor has last year that made me feel her more.

Overall, the girls are strong compared to the guys, but I think we're in for a season of r&b Divas and that could be a bit predictable.

Oh, my homegirl Antonella deserved a one-way ticket back to Newark after last night's performance, but she's not going anywhere this week. She's the Vote for the Worst pick.

Linda - great title and another excellent recap. For me, Melinda was awesome! She worked it OUT - hehe. So did LaKisha. And both were not arrogant brats - nice, humble, poised, likeable. I voted!

I liked Gina and Stephanie, too. And little Jordin was great! The rest - bleh. Boys? There were boys? I think the top 12 split of boys and girls is dumb. Pick the 12 best singers and be done with it.

Amy's hair eye patch was distracting and I found Sabrina and her Jeri Curl hair just LOUD. Leslie - liked the smoky quality of her voice but she was so spastic - I thought she was having a seizure or something.

Antonella - blech. Bad singing AND came off sounding like a dope. She should go back to frolicking on the Jersey Shore and posing topless or "making out" with her friends a la Girls Gone Wild (many pictures posted online by her other "BFF"s). Alaina - nice Farrah hair, hehe, plus the incessant breathiness made me think she was channeling Marilyn Monroe.

A note - What was with the GINORMOUS hoops half the girls were wearing? They were bigger than my 19-month-old's head! Did they all mistake their bangle bracelets for earrings? I guess I'm getting old. Plus my husband once told me what guys call those giant earrings - NOT the image I would want to project.

The girls will def. own Idol this season. If we could keep some of the man candy around for variety, cool. But I could listen to some of these girls "all night long, ALL NIGHT!" Sing it with me - no one can hear you (or judge you, thank God!)

I don't know..other than the weird hairstyle choice, Paula seemed quite lucid to me both last night and Tuesday night.

LaKisha #1, Melinda #2 and it will go back and forth all season. Sometimes Melinda will by #1 and LaKisha will be #2. Can there be two Idols? Those two wonderful women deserve it.

This season is Melinda's and LaKisha's the lose. The rest of them BLOW and should go home.

Yo, the girls blew it out of the water dawg! Melinda, Sabrina and Jordin for the girls and only Blake for the dudes are my early front-runnin' faves.

Umm was Paula trying to channel Dolly Parton with that "hump o' hair" in the back? Dolly used to do that back in the day, didn't she? I wonder if she's having a prescription-induced flashback...

The girls are loads better than most of the guys, It's hard to pick who's the best, but from the girls (so far), I'd have to say (surprisingly, she wasn't the best vocally, but I liked the song) that Alaina is who I'm rooting for. Still Blake from the guys. Boo..VFTW picked Antonella and Sundance, I was hoping they would pick one of my faves again lol. Who do I think is going home: The female bobble head, and possibly the girl in the purple dress who went 2nd. As for the guys, the barefoot guy, and the guy who went 1st. Boo Vote For The Worst, pick someone I want to win as your "worst"...Dial Idol has Alana in dead last, and Antonella in 2nd. And Sundance is in 1st place for the guys. Those guys at VFTW are effective, aren't they.

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