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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


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Oh and this week...instead of world situations and the fact that our current leader has helped in creating a huge conflict in the forgot to mention that former N'Syncer, Lance Bass, is also gay. Umm...granted your article reflects last week's news...but I would just like to say to all those Soccer Mom's who stood in long lines at Disney to get their daughter a wristband to see the group during tapings...SUCKAS! Ha ha ha ha. Perhaps they will reflect with the daugthers they so tried to be and think how silly they were back in 1998. Some of these mothers acted like the wristband would marry their daughters off.

For future reference, in every boy band at least one is gay, and one has probably "dabbled." I figure this might be of use to mom's of daughters who are entering their teens and become obsessed with these silly boy groups. However, if the information is just too devastating and their
Super Sweet 16 just can't get a grip, I suppose they could simply live the great big lie and just ..."pretend" and tell them that Lance...well he's simply a METROSEXUAL!

Hey SIS, just wanted to say AMEN!!!! I say this type of thing at work almost everyday. I still love reading your take on the world. Keep up the good work. Love your big little bro, T.J.

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