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Saturday, February 25, 2006


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Travis Frey should go to prison and once there, the biggest and baddest prisoner should be allowed to make Travis his "wife". Then Travis should be expected to preform sexually for his "spouse" and be as submissive as he expected Ruth to be. May Travis's prison spouse be just as demanding and twisted as Travis was with Ruth. Travis's bottom will become very accommadating to enteries and exits amd he'll learn the real truth of "deep throating".

This kind of "agreement" isn't anything to do with BDSM (dom/sub sexual preference). But, it has EVERYTHING to do with Travis being an abuser. Travis and men like him don't deserve to have a normal life. SICKO!


I agree. So by entension may I just add, "I do not believe sex is bad, it should simply be kept out of the hands of deluded wackjobs." (Or I guess, maybe the deluded wackjobs should only be allowed to use their hands?)

In all likelyhood you correct. As I stated I am not cognizant of the other aspects of the case, outside the existance of the contract, which your commentary so vociferously chagrinned. [eeek why don't they put spell chekcers in these edit fields ]

There are incredibly terrible things that seem to come from relationships fueled by one or more usually both partner's inability to understand or control the strong emotions.

I am simply trying to say that when someone is subjected to a hurtful experience that can be attributed to another person, it is the person that should be deemed bad..not the instrument. Although a staunch supporter of gun control, I do not believe guns are bad, they simply should be kept out of the hands of bad people.


I am always the first to acknowledge that the world is made up of all "different" kinds of people, and even that one person's bile-inducing sexfest is simply another person's kink, but in this case, I feel fairly safe in siding with the authorities. Travis Frey needs some time behind bars and a good Brazilian wax to his testicles while he's in there.

I can certainly appreciate your disgust at the thought of such chevenistic demands of a man upon a woman, and will agree that not myself knowing any of the particulars of the kidnapping and/or abuse aspects of this case, I am yet compelled to make a significant point.

While you yourself admittedly so are not a submissive person, that does not change the fact that many submissive beings exist, and aggreements or contract such as this one are valuable tools used by dominent and submissive partners to outline expectations and limitations on their private and personal relationships.

While this may seem foreign to you and our morality, please take a moment to reflect before too quickly judging others.

Holy shit. Seriously, no other way to descibe it other than my immidiate reaction. wow. I'm glad she managed to get out of it and get away. Thank god he's going to prison.

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