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March 25, 2010


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Goes along with what you are saying...and it is our favorite fake

Linda S to Jennifer

The problem is that she, like so many in the GOP, don't seem to understand they are sending these messages and images out to a bunch of very literal minded people. Nuance is lost on them. (And before some gets their "everyone" nerve set on fire - I KNOW it's not everyone in the GOP.)

I think, given the current climate and admitted (by so many) weapon hording going on, "reloading" is a very poor choice of word, and using gun sites on her map is truly dangerous.

The rhetoric just needs dialed back. WAY back. Disagreeing is fine. Disagree, discuss, debate. Explain IN TRUTH why you don't like something, but what's going on now is just scary.


Exactly. I was in traffic the other day behind a guy with Palin stickers all over the back of his car (I had plenty of time to read them as he was going 25 in a 50...argh!) One of the stickers was a "Palin 2012"....scary!!!!!!!!! We do not need her kind of vitriol again.

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