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March 04, 2010


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You really have to watch the ones that protest too loudly.


Maybe he was just doing research.

Sue, Sacramento

Ahhh right in my backyard!!! This is a WELL known gay bar in Sacramento and is a hot spot for straights as well. It is quite the party place!!!

Toni in Dallas

He gives love a bad name.

Theresa from Virginia

Nothing like hypocrisy in politics!

You know how to tell if a politician is lying? His/her lips are moving!

Annie, Atlanta GA

He came out of the closet today.

Carrie / Quik

I want to know if we can put him back in please!?!?!

Carrie / Quik

Wait. Melissa, was that even a serious comment? Tell me it wasn't. I just saw that.

Shawn in Lakewood CA

Saw on the news last night that he justified his anti-gay votes as doing what his conservative constituency wanted. As Linda would say: Bull and Shit.

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