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February 18, 2010


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If this was an American Muslim man making this speech in a mosque these same morons in the audience who applauded would be calling for his arrest as a domestic terrorist. When are we going to learn that violence and hatred are not the answers?


Criminal? Really? Do you really believe that she wants to grab a noose and lead a group of people to this women's office and string her up? In general I find your writing amusing and pertinent. Here though, you have no perspective.

Is this much different than the way you talk about wanting to punish child abusers with all sorts of heinous things? Are you actually threating physical assault against them as well?

Linda S to Melissa

Melissa, I continue to be stymied by your desire to frequent DGMS. Seriously.


Like I said I agree with you on many things (for example: 100% agree with your Tiger Woods post) and hear about things that I have not seen elsewhere. But this post seemed a little riduculous. I mean even Huffington took it off there home page after a couple of hours. Besides, as you have said repeatedly, shouldn't we get our news from all sites/perspectives and then make up our minds?

Toni in Dallas

Waiter! There's a twatwaffle in my soup.

Theresa from Virginia

Chrissy makes a great point - if this were someone from a feared group, the FBI would be banging down their doors!

These jerks probably don't really "mean" that we should commit violent acts against someone else, but they also don't stop to think about the fact that their words just might incite such violence. There are a lot of wackos out there, of all ages, political persuasions, religions, etc., and all some of them need is a bit of misguided encouragement to take an idea and turn it into a terrible reality.

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