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October 01, 2008


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Round and round she goes, yet again. Maybe that's why she comes across as unable to give a complete and understandable answer, the poor woman has made herself dizzy.

Lori in Texas

I want to know why the entire interview, from start to finish, has not been released to the public. ALL of it. Every last second of it. Every other candidate in this race is an open book - the way we, the public, are allowing Sarah Palin to be sheltered from criticism and questioning is just plain outrageous.

Republicans and Democrats, alike, need to stand up and demand that it stop immediately. If this were MY candidate's running mate, I would be screaming my bloody head off right now. How can Republicans sit back so quietly and allow this to continue????

Rudy to Lori

Ratings....Katie is milking this daily for ratings.

Lori in Texas

Then Ms. Couric needs a FLOOD of e-mail clogging her account.

Carrie / Quik

This is disgusting.


I don't mind them showing little snippets each day or so, as long as they eventually air it in its entirety at some point - and soon.

Theresa from Virginia

The circus has come to town, and it's still here!

Eileen in MD

I admit that, while I consider myself fairly intelligent and generally well informed, I could not name any Supreme Court case that I disagree with either. Then again, I am not the "Joe-Six Pack" running for vice president.

Diane in Evansville

While I don't have anything against Sarah Palin personally (she is entitled to her beliefs as much as I totally disagree with them), but she just plain scares me! The thought of her being President sends shivers down my spine.


Did anybody see the Matt Damon video against Sarah Palin on youtube. He hit the NAIL on the head. It's like a really bad Disney movie. Hockey mom with five kids, busy life, nice little small town story and then ... OH MY GOODNESS!! She gets to be Vice President OF AMERICA!!

That DOES sound like a bad Disney movie, doesn't it?!

Kelly in PA

Can you even imagine this woman running our country? YIKES!!!!!

Chris K

Boy, she sure sweat that one out! Why can't she just be honest and say, I'll get back to you on that one Katie?


If we tried to view the entire interview at once, our heads would collectively explode!

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