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October 16, 2008


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Diane in Evansville

We've got early voting now in Evansville, Indiana, and I have to say, I VOTED today! This is great; I don't have to worry about the lines on Election vote is already firmly in the Obama side of the ballot! I can't speak for the rest of my 'swing' state of Indiana, but judging from the amount of people at the polls today, and judging from the conversation among them, Obama's going to be happy come Election night!

Susan from PA

Testify, Sister Linda, testify!

Carrie / Quik

LMAO Linda, that recording leaves a phone number at the end of it. I'm tempted to call it and recite what you've just written!! Maybe we all should....they would be terribly confused if they got the same words from a number of people around the country...*gleeful chuckle* That would be fun.

Linda Sharp to Carrie

I say we go for it.

Jean in MI

Works for me, let's do it.

Carrie / Quik

202 863 8500...

Carrie / Quik


"This mailbox cannot accept messages because it is full."

I hope it's full of pissed off people!

Linda Sharp to Carrie

We can always email it to the campaign...

Carrie / Quik

This is interestig too, and underscores what Linda and others have said about Obama's tax plan...

Carrie / Quik

lol All of us?

Linda Sharp to Carrie

Why not? Preface it with, I tried to call you back, John, but your inbox was full...

Lori in Texas

Call 'em, e-mail 'em, flood 'em with responses. And using Linda's response is brilliant.

Linda Sharp to Lori

Wish you could have heard Culley laugh when she got to the very last line. :O)

Lori in Texas

She probably sounded just like ME, when I got to the last line. LOL

Carrie / Quik


Wish you guys could hear me giggling maniacally...I think I've had too much caffeine...

SENT, though.

Carrie / Quik

And here's a big surprise - nowhere on McCain's site can I find anything about glbt issues. I've tried searching every way I know how.


I am starting to think he wants to lose with tactics like that.

McCain is battling and cranky with David Letterman now. He has not been hammered this hard by anyone.

God bless, Letterman.

They will never let Sarah on.


Here is an interesting read that might explain John McCain's facial expressions and tongue thrusting.

Carrie / Quik

I just can't resist.

WARNING: may make you spit coffee, soda, etc.


Ok just copied and pasted to '', didn't know where else to send it. Did add what you said about trying to call back....
And thanks for the warning Carrie!! LMAO

Jackie in GA

Just sent mine, too. Thanks for allowing us to use your words, Linda.

Jackie in GA

Linda, hope you don't mind, but I also left a comment on Obama's website inviting readers to check out your blog, read this entry and join us in sending this e-mail to McCain. Would love to see the reaction to thousands of these same e-mails.

rj to Linda

Bravo, Linda!!!!

And, yes David Letterman is now my hero. He spanked Johnny HARD last night and I'm sure
we have not heard the end of this.
I read this in a comment section:
"Has anyone noticed that the Comedians are asking the tough questions and the Press is the joke?"

ChickyChick (Kathy) to All who tried to call

When you call, hit Zero, then 3 for the Campaign manager's office - I just left the message - woo hoo that was fun!!!

Liz in CT To Natala and your brother

I copied and pasted Linda's response and sent it to his campaign this morning. I prefaced it with "This is in response to your robo-call...".
I hope they get buried. And Linda's response is priceless...especially that last line!

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