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    Welcome to the new DGMS Support System for blogmunity members looking to stick to their 2011 Resolution to get healthy, get fit, and yes, lose weight! Photos will be posted here regularly as members send them in so we can keep one another on track, congratulate each other as pounds begin to be shed, and of course, keep one another honest!

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Totally doing this tho am still guilty of hopping on the scale with regularity. I am NOT however getting my panties in a twist if it is more then the last time as I KNOW what I am doing with my diet and how much I am exercising.

I have had huge NSV (non-scale victories) lately. My blood pressure was 112/73 (think those were the numbers but definitely in that area) last Doc visit and I got high fives (yes more than one) for my weight loss (at a healthy rate of loss..my Doc said), my diet changes, my blood pressure and my increased exercise. Got my blood work results and everything looked good with my cholesterol under 200 (barely but it was under)...and I am aware that I need to get it lower because it is still in the danger zone.

Yesterday on my ride with one of the ladies from the cycling club I found she was riding behind me and commented on how the muscles in my calves were getting more defined. I was also wearing a cycling jersey that I have not been wearing as it was too tight (got it many years and pounds ago)...so wearing that was a NSV.

I feel great! I am off my anti-depressant medications and can't wait til I can kick the HBP meds to the curb too. Soon! I won't be rid of the thyroid meds from what I know but who knows...

My attitude is that I will be under 200 lbs by the new year but if I don't make that exactly...I WILL be less than I am now by quite a bit and I will be more FIT and HEALTHY.

Seriously, you make me get tears.

Your focus and dedication is inspirational. I hope others are wathing.

Now I have tears!

I hope I am helping others with my progress and not discouraging them or being annoying with my posts about my progress and things I am doing.

I do best when I have things to focus ON. Right after getting my butt in gear based on your ROll MODEL blog entry, I entered the Tour of LB ride 30 miles. That was this past Saturday and it was a blast! I plan on doing one of the LONGER rides next year (they have a metric century which is 62 miles and a Century which is 100 miles). By next May a Century should be a doable deal.

I am already signed up for the Beach Babe Bicycle event (36 miles) in July. The Bay to Bay MS ride (50 miles each day/total of 100 miles) in October. Thinking of signing up for the Danskin Triathlon in Palm Springs (October).

My cousin in Dallas wants me to sign up for the Lonestar AIDS ride (think it is in September) but not sure if I can do it due to logistics of it...like how to get my bike there. I haven't ruled it out yet tho.

My BIG goal? To ride in the AIDS Lifecycle ride next June: San Francisco to Los Angeles to honor my brother.

Shawn you are SO NOT discouraging! You are an inspiration and a catalyst (in a good way) to me!!! Congratulations!!!

Shawn,you are doing brilliantly well. You should be very proud. I am delighted for you.

This is the thing about scales. My mother took a tumble, ended up in the hospital and then in a physical rehab place for 3 weeks. Over the entire ordeal she lost 18 pounds. The food was crummy in both places, no alcohol and in the p/t facility she got 90 minutes of exercise a day. She is staying off the hooch (which had become a problem so this is the best outcome of all) and is determined to keep losing weight. So Mom gets on the scale on Monday, and all is well. She gets on the scale on Tuesday -- up a pound. On Wednesday, down a pound. She was beside herself. Then she tried on a pair of pants that had been too tight. They fit really well now. The scale has been relegated to once a week and she is trying on stuff she has saved for "when she lost weight" which seemed like it would never happen. Progress made. Scale not mattering too much now.

I do it once a week, too. The little fun fluctuations of a peri-menopausal body? I don't have the strength to deal with that on a daily basis.

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