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    Welcome to the new DGMS Support System for blogmunity members looking to stick to their 2011 Resolution to get healthy, get fit, and yes, lose weight! Photos will be posted here regularly as members send them in so we can keep one another on track, congratulate each other as pounds begin to be shed, and of course, keep one another honest!

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I will say that I can and have and do eat because of emotions. On of the things I turn to to avoid it is read. I won't eat while using my kindle (sticky stains, ewww) or while reading library books (same reason -- who wants to see someone else's sticky, greasy stains?) Another friend knits... which sounds even better but I cannot for the life of me get the hang of it. It is a hard habit to break, that is for sure. But I do less of it now and hopefully one day the scourge will be extinct.

That's me allright - I am a stress eater and a bored eater - I need to find a new hobby that doesn't allow food while doing it :O)

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