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    Welcome to the new DGMS Support System for blogmunity members looking to stick to their 2011 Resolution to get healthy, get fit, and yes, lose weight! Photos will be posted here regularly as members send them in so we can keep one another on track, congratulate each other as pounds begin to be shed, and of course, keep one another honest!

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Thanks for the kick in the ass I needed. Love you oodles and bunches

Thanks for the reminder! I'm still struggling to plan meals ahead of time. But the boys are starting to enjoy eating fresh veggies more often. Justin has even asked to pack salad in his school lunches! I'm hoping that I can keep thinking ahead as our busy summer schedules start. We all need the extra energy so we can get out and keep active.

Would you like a reciept for the load of "shut up and just do it" you just delivered? Accepted and signed for......

The pastel m&m's and peanut butter eggs are sitting where they have been since easter. So that is good. I spent the 6 weeks of Lent off moo juice. That Very Vanilla Silk is the bomb and I love my morning smoothies. Just to see, I had some plain old milk (1% as always) since then. I felt cloggy. I don't know how to explain it, but I felt like my innards were being coated with goop. So I guess I am skipping milk from here on out. I think I get enough calcium from my silk anyway. Moving on to other efforts!

On my recent trip, I really did try to make "good" choices. I obviously did not do a great job as I gained a bit while I was gone. I did carry my water bottle with me and did well with keeping hydrated with water. The other thing I missed was being able to get my usual exercise in. I could have tried walking but with my hip and spinal issue...walking is not a good idea. Boy did I miss my bike. Getting back on track now.

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