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    Welcome to the new DGMS Support System for blogmunity members looking to stick to their 2011 Resolution to get healthy, get fit, and yes, lose weight! Photos will be posted here regularly as members send them in so we can keep one another on track, congratulate each other as pounds begin to be shed, and of course, keep one another honest!

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No need to apologize for having your priorities in the correct order. HUGS to you and the girls...

Just as soon as I saw Tracey's comment about cleaning the bottom...I thought of the water bottle I saw in my buying guide issue from Bicycling magazine...it was this same bottle!

As soon as I am a working person again, this will be one of my first purchases! I love this idea!!!

AWESOME! Will work for protein shakes as well, methinks.

I really love it now because I was very sick for the last couple of weeks and at least I know my water bottle is germ free because I was able to take it totally apart and scrub it. It really is the coolest thing I have come across in a long time.

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