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    Welcome to the new DGMS Support System for blogmunity members looking to stick to their 2011 Resolution to get healthy, get fit, and yes, lose weight! Photos will be posted here regularly as members send them in so we can keep one another on track, congratulate each other as pounds begin to be shed, and of course, keep one another honest!

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We have a list posted at our meetings for different ways to remind yourself: If you bite it - Write it, If you Indulge - Divulge, etc. Cute, but I still have a hard time doing it.

Writing down how much exercise you do is good too - it keeps you honest, and for me I try to a little be more each week.

It's true! Most successful plans tell you to do this, because it's a way of being accountable. You can only lie to yourself for so long. Tina, the exercise log is a great thing to do too.

It would make more sense if I had written "I try to _do_ a little more each week."

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Good lord...Russian? and then Spam about a Kardashian?

Anyway on topic: I use myfitnesspal on my iphone (thanks for the tip Debbie) and it has really helped me to be aware of what I eat and makes me think twice to make sure 1. I am really hungry and 2. that I pick something as healthy as possible.

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